Press Release 2/2018: Initial flotation test work results of Hautalampi Cobalt-Nickel-Copper deposit

Initial flotation test work results of Hautalampi Cobalt-Nickel-Copper deposit

FinnCobalt is pleased to report preliminary results of the flotation test work carried out at the GTK Mintec laboratories, Outokumpu town, Finland.  A series of eight flotation test was done and the final report is pending.

Totally some 1100 kgs of drill core sample from eight drill holes was crushed to 100% -2mm and delivered to the laboratories. The test work was carried out on composite samples of eight drill holes.

The basic principle of the test work was production of good quality Copper concentrate as a first step. The copper flotation was done in the basic environment. The copper flotation was followed by production of Cobalt- Nickel-concentrate in the acidic environment. The aim of the Cobalt-Nickel- flotation was to produce a nickel concentrate with a grade of 6% Nickel and aiming to maximize the recovery.

Preliminary bench scale flotation test results indicate following results:

Copper-concentrate:  Cu 25%, recovery 85%
Au 5 g/t, Ag 50 g/t
Cobalt-nickel concentrate: Co 1,7%, recovery 75%
Ni 6%, recovery 80%


The ore minerals in the copper concentrate are chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite.  In the cobalt –nickel concentrate main ore minerals are cobalt-pentlandite, siegenite (the middlemost member of linneaite-polydymite-series) and pyrrhotite. Pyrite was observed only as an accessory mineral.

The preliminary test work to date has confirmed results from the 2008 Feasibility Study.

With no detection of deleterious elements and the ore appearing to be highly amenable to conventional, well understood and low-cost flotation processing routes, these results are encouraging for further leaching test work and production of highly priced battery chemicals.

A pilot plant test run of the 1000kg sample is scheduled to be carried out late January 2019. The aim is to produce some 40-60 kg of Cobalt-Nickel-concentrate for further leaching test work at Outotec Oyj, Pori, Finland metallurgical research laboratory.


Outokumpu 19th December 2018

Vesa-Jussi Penttilä